Gardening better than Organic! Here we will set out new methods for growing the highest quality fruits and vegetables utilizing lessons learned through both Organic and Biological Farming.

The garden is located in Spokane, WA and is a 1/4 acre plot situated on a one acre residential lot. The tending comes myself (Sean) , my beautiful wife (Rachel) and plenty of helpful distraction from our young son. To satisfy the desires of my wife, I have themed the garden as a combination of French Potager and English Kitchen Garden where we hold aesthetics as highly as produce quality. We grow mostly specialty French and European heirloom vegetables and never grow a variety commonly available in the stores. After several years of work the garden is now moderately productive, supplying the majority of the vegetable requirements for about two families. Our current garden goals are to double the yield and make significant improvements in nutrient density, taste and keeping quality. 

The original soil is “rocky-cobbly sandy-loam” and grew only Pine trees adequately. Initial biologic activity is quite low, with anaerobic conditions, poor breakdown of organic matter and a mineral spectrum not suited for vegetable crops.

The weather here is also very distinct with four clear seasons. Winters are cold sometimes dipping below zero with on and off snow, while summers are dry and hot. We receive about 17 inches of rain a year that falls mostly in the winter and spring. Our bio-region is  tree’ed Savannah, with a semi-arid desert to the west and south and high mountain forests to the east and north. Farming in the immediate area is mostly dry-land production of wheat and forage.

Gardening has significantly raised the quality of our lives, and am certain that it can raise yours too. Please enjoy this blog and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


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