Biological Gardening

As a Biological Gardener I seek to establish a cooperative relationship with nature; encouraging and establishing a deep biological connection between soil, plant and people. Here we will employ a system for balancing the garden ecosystem, encouraging life to its fullest genetic potential, encouraging energy, shaping the environment and providing maximum nutrient availability. There shall be no application of any product that causes one side to gain over any other. The primary objective here is to achieve maximum plant health in a naturally beneficial system. One where disease resistance, insect resistance, high yields and nutrient dense foods are a consequence of excellent garden management.

But how is this different from Organic Gardening? I have a book case full of manuals on organic gardening and still I failed to receive any results that were appreciably different from conventional agriculture. Perhaps Organic could be so much more, but after USDA certification and the take over by monetary interest, I believe the potential it once had may now be lost. The problem is that the whole system continues to use an exploitative and warfare-centric model for production, using organic pesticides over conventional pesticides, the farmer and gardener still fails to notice his sick plants and instead attacks the symptom. Is an organic apple with a worm any better than a conventional apple with a poisoned worm? No, the apple in both cases lacked the essential nutrients in order to achieve a naturally worm resistant apple. If the apple is good for the worm, its mostly definitely is not good for you.

Soil health is plant health is animal health is human health. Here the the whole of the system is far greater than the sum of its parts.